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Now You See It - 4 Ways ChemImage Uses Molecular Chemical Imaging to Solve Challenging Health and Safety Issues

Posted by Veronica Rillo on May 27, 2021

The development and commercialization of products leveraging Molecular Chemical Imaging (MCI) technology has been a challenging space for a number of companies. Unlike competitors, ChemImage has had continued success in developing products that solve problems in a number of applications including government and military, law enforcement, corrections, and life sciences and healthcare. In fact, ChemImage holds over 230 patents across five market segments. By leveraging expertise in hyperspectral imaging, filter development, innovation and market knowledge, ChemImage is focused on solving the world’s most challenging health and safety issues by creating an Awareness of Things®. Below you get a glimpse into the types of products and services that ChemImage provides for various industries.


What’s Hiding In Inmate Mail?
® Mail Screener Detects Illicit Drugs and Cutting Agents to Help Curb Smuggling Attempts

ChemImage has made significant inroads in helping to combat the drug/opioid epidemic by developing theMail Screener_Hero_reduced size VeroVision Mail Screener, which is used in correctional facility mail rooms to screen inmate mail for narcotics. The VeroVision Mail Screener allows inmates to receive their mail in its original form while also helping to keep facility staff safe from exposure to illicit substances and to keep drugs out of the prison. Drug use in correctional facilities can become a significant issue that impacts the health and safety of the officers and other staff due to drug-related violence, gangs, and exposure. VeroVision Mail Screener uses powerful imaging spectrometers and modern sensor technology to interdict distinct illicit drugs and common cutting agents, and patented software can also provide a presumptive identification of the material detected.


Bringing to Light Explosive Threats.
® Threat Detector Exposes Explosive Residue on the Surface of Objects

ChemImage has also focused on products to help detect explosive threats on the surface of objects suchthreat detector 200x200 as vehicles. The VeroVision Threat Detector was developed for applications such as security check points, border crossings, delivery vehicle screening, etc. It is the world’s only standoff hyperspectral imaging system for explosive residue detection. The proliferation of bomb-making knowledge has intensified, which has led to an increased risk of explosive-based terror activity. Often times, perpetrators leave behind explosive residue on the surface of objects they handle during their bomb-making activity, such as vehicle door-handles, tailgates, trunks, etc. The VeroVision Threat Detector is available for purchase, but it is also part of a service offering, VeroVision Vehicle Screening Service. The service allows security teams the opportunity for ChemImage trained experts and our unique technology to be onsite at their event venue to screen vehicles at entry points. This service helps keep event spectators, participants, and staff safe from vehicle-borne explosive threats.


The Heart Failure Vital Sign
Molecular Chemical Imaging Can Benefit Many Life Science Applications

In addition to safety and security, ChemImage has identified the ability to leverage its technology andCardioVere Results expertise to focus on challenges in healthcare VeroVision technology is leveraged in our newest innovation, Cardiovere, which enables non-contact detection of pre-clinical and clinical congestion non-invasively in heart failure patients across all care settings, including the patient’s home. The device extends the reach and effectiveness of the medical team b providing an early warning sign for treatment of fluid retention to help mitigate the risk of readmission associated with volume overload. It is non-contact, safe, and easy-to-use by any clinician, care team member, the patient, or family members. . The technology uses light, filters, and optics paired with our proprietary algorithms and software enabling the user to measure the amount of interstitial fluid in the extremities.


The Heart of ChemImage Molecular Chemical Imaging Technology
Multi-Conjugate Filter (SWIR MCF)

At the core of many of ChemImage's medical diagnostic and threat detection breakthroughs is its ShortSWIR MCF Photo Wave Infrared Multi-Conjugate Filter (SWIR MCF). The SWIR MCF is an important component for evaluating spectral information in today's emerging SWIR research disciplines and is newly available as a standalone product from the ChemImage portfolio. When paired with powerful imaging software, the SWIR MCF's industry-leading image contrast and spatial resolution provides non-destructive sampling technology that enables applications in crop health, semiconductor metrology, and biomanufacturing - just to name a few.


Looking To the Future

At ChemImage, invention and innovation have always walked hand-in-hand. As Molecular Chemical Imaging pioneers and the inventors of multi-conjugate filter technology, we are proud of the advancements we have made, but even more so, look forward to the discoveries to come and the ability to continue to create an Awareness of Things® for enterprises worldwide.

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